Search function does not work properly

Something has gone wrong with my Dopus on my main computer. When I try to search for a book in a set of folders (I have 100's of books that I print that I KNOW are in there) normally I put in a few key words and it comes right up, or the number and name.

But sometimes it doesn’t work. It gives me a long list of stuff and what I’m searching for is sometimes in and sometimes not, but with tons of other things that have NO relationship to may search. Sometimes it TOTALLY misses the book altogether. But I can go into he subfolders I'm searching and find the book right there.

I try it over several times, then get frustrated and give up and open Windows File Explorer to go look for it. But in there i have the same problem TOO! If i type jsut the book number (all my books have a number and author and a title, so I can use different keyword combos) I get 30 results which do NOT have that numer, but NOT the number I'm looking for. Then if I add the author with the number, I get nothing!

So I go back to Dopus and do the same, when I type the number I get 30 books WITHOUT that number, but suddenly now if I put in the number AND name, it comes up in one search, then I do it again and it does NOT come up??? It's gone crazy on me!!! Then I try typing JUST the author name, and now it comes up. It's like sometimes it can't read numbers, sometimes it can't read names, sometimes it can't read either and sometimes it reads them all just right?

What's going on? I've had this happen on my other older Vista computer too, where sometimes it will NEVER read numbers, but it still always reads words.

Thanks, Brad

The search field at the top-right of the default toolbars simply passes the query to Windows Search and then shows the results that come back. It sounds like the problem you're seeing is on the Windows Search side. It might be due to a change in which folders Windows Search is indexing, or due to components being added/changed/removed which are involved in enabling Windows Search to examine the document format(s) you're trying to search.

Tools > Find Files will give you Opus's own native find tool, which does not rely on Windows Search. That may work better, or may not, depending on the exact details of what you're searching for and the type of files involved.

I have similar problem. When i try to search a folder, nothing is indexed except the subfolders. Pdf, zip, jpg, mp4 etc. all other formats doesn't come up to index. Sometimes refreshing works but not all the time.

When i search through Explorer index working properly. All items become viewable at Dopus right after. Shortly, explorer search works fine but Dopus search not. I have to run Explorer search to make it work at Dopus.

We need details of what you’re searching for and files that should match but didn’t.

Did you try using Tools > Find Files instead?

Are any filters applied to the file display that could hide some of the results? The status bar will have a red “hidden” count if so.

Looks like it's fixed after i turned off "Respect power settings when indexing" from Windows search settings. "Find files" option is working well too. Thank you.