Search function functionality

Hello, i am in need of some help.

When i am playing a game i want to save my progression.
It is very difficult to find the save directory where the games save.
So i try to find them with Dopus but this will take a lot of time.
Can somebody inform me how to exclude directories in the search function.
Then i can view the results on date and time.


Do you want to exclude all directories from the search results, so you only see a list of files?

  • Assuming you're on the Simple tab, set the Type drop-down to Files.

Or do you mean you want to exclude particular directories from being searched?

Thanks, I want to exclude particulary directories like the windows dir and scan my user (or all users) directory (where windows normally stores game saves).

If you only want to scan certain folders, it might be easier to add the ones you want, rather than exclude the ones you don't want.

Since you'll use this a lot, you'll probably want to set up a command for it. In that case, you can pass one or more folders to the Find command's IN argument:

Find ... IN "C:\Users" "C:\Another Folder"

(The ... will need filling in with additional arguments, depending on the type of search you want to do.)

As an example, I have a button to locate Steam screenshots:

Find COLLNAME="Steam Screenshots" FILTER NAME="SteamShots" IN "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata"

Where the SteamShots filter looks like this:

Oke, i can search now advanced style, thank you very much.


I know you already have a routine in place, just want to point out this program in case you didn't know about it. It can help with automation.

GameSave Manager

It backs up all your games on your system, Manually or on a Schedule. It can even auto backup games while you are playing them, every 5-120 minutes. And it's free.

Hello, i have another question, can i use a clipboard command in the button?

What do you want to do?

I search with the Steam App ID for lets say the game 8-Bit Hordes its ID is 435100, now i use "Find 435100 IN "C:\Users""", can i paste the id in the clipboard and use it with a command in the button?

"Crash", i use Game Backup Monitor, the program act the same but they often simply do not know the directory where the save is.

clipboard_text_encoding maybe?

You can use {clip} to insert the clipboard text into a command.

Thank you very much.

Just an FYI, GameSave Manager allows you to enter in your own custom paths to use on games. Hope you get a method that works for you :+1: