Search in the Description column, any new ways doing this?

Is there a way to search in that colum, maybe by using that new evaluator function. Ideally FAYT should work, when the Desc column is selected, but it's still not possible.

I'm still using some older code that works, but maybe there is a more elegant way through the evaluator?

If that column is visible, yes.

Sorry, doesn't work here yet. I installed tha script, changed the activator key to # (changed the old # to something else). Column is visible, but i don't get any results. Where can i activate the Desc search?

You could start by reading the main post of the command's page I linked you before. There it explains how to search in a certain column.

Ok, thanks, i will stick to the old method then. I'm not smart enough to find out how to use this.

@abr Sorry if my answer seemed rude to you, that was not my intention. But you should definitely read that part to understand what you can do with that command.
Assuming you didn't change any command settings but the quick key, plus the following:

  1. Desc column is the fifth column. If the Index column is visible and is the first column, omit it from the count.
  2. You want to search for all items in source lister that have "test" in their description.

For that scenario, just type #, followed by c5=test in the FAYT bar.

No, it wasn't rude at all. It's only that almost everyone here seems to be a programmer or script wizard, and i don't have any clues about coding. :flushed:

I have tested a few things, but keep getting these error messages. I'm confused by the message 'desc is not a...', since i don't use desc, but description in the custom columns categories. I also tested a variation without the quotation marks. Otherwise i have changed nothing. I have also experimented with an alternative count, because i remember from long time ago, that there was some sort of offset in the columns count, making the fourth column the third, or something like that (like the main column was counted as zero), but i still see this error message.

So, is "Name":"Description" correct? Thanks!

I had completely forgotten to add that column. Sorry about that. userdesc was included, but apparently it was broken. :sweat_smile:
Please try downloading the new version I just uploaded.

You don't need to modify that. That option is for script, Evaluator or Shell columns.
I have made a small video for you, illustrating the search by desc column, using the steps I describe to you as an scenario above.

(in the video, I'm not typing the quick key, because that command is my default FAYT search mode).

Thanks, errante.

It still doesn't work for some descriptions, but i made some very interesting observation. I try to search my location informations for my photo sessions, which have following format:

'Rotherbaum - Eppendorf - Fuhlsbüttel - Langenhorn - Norderstedt'

I set this by using SetAttr Description. No results are returned, all items are hidden (red count in the status bar) when i use, for example, #c4=Rotherbaum as the search term (expecting to find all other sessions containing that search string).

But when i use your script in a different folder, typing #c4=AMD64, the script searches the files correctly, as seen in the screenshot.

The difference is, that it looks like the descriptions are of a different type. For my locations descs, using my SetAttr Description key shows the list of the applied keywords, whereas using the same command on the exe files shows nothing. Which suggests, that the description data is coming from different types of description sources. So that's at least my explanation, as to why i see a different behavior here.

(Edit, added the respective SetAttr windows for both types)



Additional info.

I just made another test, having added some SetAttr keyword to those exe files, which otherwise worked. But the script wouldn't find those extra descriptions.

Thanks for pointing that out. Seems that 'desc' column grabs info from two places.
Please try this updated version and let me know if it's working now.
ColSearch.opusscriptinstall (13.3 KB)

Yep, it works now! That was quick. Thanks a lot, errante.


Errante, i have two suggestions, which could be useful for some scenarios. One is, if we could 'hard code' that bit with the column in the configs. For example, i have only one use case so far, which always uses #col=4. That option would then save me typing the col= part, just activator key plus search term.

Not a problem for me, because i have made a macro that does all the stem typing (#col=4...), but not everyone uses macros.

The other idea is, to be able to output the result into a collection, optionally. So when the script spits out a bunch of folders, it would be possible to go in and out those folders, having them in a static list, rather than being back in the non-filtered list after the first folder visit. I guess, that for most other use cases it's not essential, but for the combination folders/descriptions it would be very convenient.

may be use current sort field to avoid "c=4". it's good

Yes, that's true.

Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. Generally, it is quite peculiar that a column ALWAYS occupies the same position in the Lister, so it would not be convenient to reference by position, but by their name (or "raw name" in this case). I have included in the next version a new option to force the search by a user-defined column, in addition to the 2 current options in default_search_column. If that column is not visible or non-existent, the Name column is used. Although it would be ideal to have some beta tests before the release, anyone who wants to join can write me a PM.
  2. To me that would break the workflow. The command is meant to be like the Filter Bar but on steroids. so it would be as if the Filter Bar would return a collection after each use... not a big fan of that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fair enough. I will check the next version then, and, as i said, i'm already using a macro for typing the stem command, or do it like fkast suggested. As for the second one, maybe i can build a button to pipe the results into a temporary collection, which should be possible. I know, that my use case is special and agree with your point. Thanks again, a very useful script!

@abr It seems that what you are really looking for is a more convenient way to perform a "classic search" using file descriptions?

If so, you can try this other command I made some time ago. I've updated it to be able to search by name, description, tags or content.

An example for searching in the source lister, by description, excluding subfolders, that allows you to type multiple patterns (each line means a pattern):

SearchFolders IN {sourcepath} VALUE=desc NORECURSE FOLDERS

Search by description.dcf (358 Bytes)

More options are available, so stop by and read the main post of the command if it suits your needs.

Thanks, errante. This script also works nicely, and in just one go. With the other code i'd need two runs, first, finding the folders, second, copying them into the collection. I think, i will use SearchFolders then. Cool!

:+1: :beers: