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Search input box hidden on Samsung S9


Reporting a glitch on my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. When I tap the Search icon, the search box itself is hidden behind heading material, with only about 1mm of the search box showing underneath. Pressing Advanced Search drops down the other fields, but the search text input box itself remains hidden.

It happens with the stock browser, Opera browser, Firefox browser, and DuckDuckGo browser.

It does not happen on my wife's Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.

It would be good if it could be fixed, because it is often useful to browse the DOpus Resource centre away from the computer. But with so many versionf of Android and Samsung . . .


If you go to and select one of the "... (No Header)" themes, then click Save Changes, does that help?


Yes! Thanks very much, Leo. I changed the setting on my PC, then logged in on my phone, and the search box was not covered up anymore.

But only when I log in, and it was obscure. You may want to consider making this display the default on phones --- the empty space seems to serve no purpose. Or perhaps it is only a problem on the Samsung S9.