Search Multiple Folders

In Opus 9, is there s etting that will allow the selection of multiple folders for a specific (wildcard based) search, rather than have multiple windows - one for each folder to be searched, and the program not searching anything other than the final folder selected? Not certain if I'm explaining this well enough . . . . . when I select multiple folders, then search for a specific file name (ex. *.rar), I get a series of open windows for each folder selected, the program only searching and presenting the results of the final folder selected to be searched.

thanks for any and all help with this

A followup to my recent post. I have found that by selecting one folder, then within the initial "Find" window it is possible to select additional folders. Conducting the search rapidly presents the results of the search for all selected folders.

So I guess my question now is, does the program allow selecting the multiple folders initially, then conducting the search? When having to select 70-odd folders, incredible if I'm limited to having to select each and every one independently within that initial "Find" window.

thanks again

You can set up a command to do it via the context menus but it's probably easier, when you want to do that, to simply turn on the find panel (Tools -> Find Panel --- NOT the standalone Find Window) and then drag the folders you want into its list.

Many thanks leo. Does work. 'Drag n Drop' . . . a fundamental of Win that I often forget to even try.

Saying that, odd that the selection can't just be made in a Lister window of folders.

Well, that worked fine. Problem now is that the 'find' panel doesn't automatically delete the previous search locations (in my case a list of a few dozen folders). Have the 'clear previous entries' checked, but no difference checked or not.

What is the deal with this? I suspect it should clear out without a special set of commands or script. This is pretty basic stuff for file management. Perplexed to say the least.

You could add this to the filetype context menu for All Folders:

When you drag & drop? If it cleared existing entries on drag & drop then you would not be able to build up a list in multiple drops.

To clear the list of existing folders, shift-click the X button above the list (or use the drop-down arrow/menu that's joined to it).

You mean 'clear previous results'? That clears previous search results when a new search is performed; it doesn't affect the Find In list.

Again, thanks. You have cleared up much, and provided a sol'n for the clearing of searched folders (yes, not the clearing of 'results' . . . ). And I'll check out the filetype solution for folder selection (and educate myself a bit more on Opus).

Tell me, how did you become aware of the 'shift-click' of the "X" to clear the searched folders? I searched every manner of text possible for help on this and nothing came up.

Not sure, to be honest!

I've put it in the list of things to add next time the manual is updated.

If you use the context menu method (or equivalent 'button') which passes the 'selected' folders to the Find dialog, then it will automatically "replace" whatever previous folders you've searched.

When you do "NOT" give the find command an explicit folder(s) to search in, then the dialog retains the previously searched folders as you've seen. This info along with other 'previous search settings' is kept in the /dopuslocaldata\State Data\find.osd file.

Personally, most of my methods of launching the Find dialog first quietly delete this file in order to eliminate any find dialog 'history' for subsequent searches... While I'm sure some people find the search history useful, more often than not it has caused me difficulty after situations where I've had a one-off need to search for something using search options I don't otherwise "usually" make use of (maybe a "containing text" search or something like that); which - if allowed to be retained in the search history and not manually "cleared" on a subsequent search operation, can cause me to miss search results that otherwise would have been found.

Of course that's a "user needs to use the program correctly" thing - but for me, any value in the find dialog retaining previous settings is far outweighed by even a single subsequent search operation possibly "missing" results because I as the user forgot to "unset" options previously used for a one-off search operation...