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Search Results Not Constrained to Path



When I type in the search bar in a lister window, sometimes the results are constrained to the current directory, sometimes not. I can seem to figure out why one or the other, but my expectation is that search results will be for the current directory.

The current directory in the lister below is "..\Desktop\Desk Current", yet I am seeing results for all locations in the home path:


I have searched the Preferences pane for a setting, but if there is one I can't seem to find it.

TIA, Scott.


Does the same happen in File Explorer when doing the same search query from the same folder?

Back in Opus, what happens if you use Tools > Find Files instead?


I get the correct results in Explorer or using the Tools > Find Files dialog instead.

It seems like selecting the folder from the Folder Tree using the same search results in a global search rather than a constrained search using the selected directory. To reproduce it, close all windows. Open a desktop folder (not the desktop itself) and use the search bar to search for a common term that might show up in a subdirectory. In my case I selected "Desk Current" in the folder tree and searched for "ffl". Results here:

Now, from the same window, select another folder in the Directory Tree. In my case I selected "Harbor Freight". The winodw displays all files in the Harbor Freight folder (as expected) Now re-enter the same search term ("ffl") in the toolbar and, as shown by the paths, the results are global:

FWIW, in the search toolbar, the search results returned (constrained or global) seem random regardless of where the search originates. Sometimes I get the correct (constrained) results, sometimes global results. It's just that the above method is reproducible.

Very weird.

I wonder if (one solved) it should be an option to return constrained or global results? I looked in the preferences figuring it was an optional setting.



What version of Opus are you running?




Please try downloading 12.12 again and reinstalling it. There was a bug in the initial release of 12.12 that affected Windows search. It was fixed after about 2 days but if you jumped on the 12.12 update early enough you may have that version and this could explain what you're seeing.


Reinstalling solved the search issue. Thanks for the suggestion (and the fix).