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I'm including an image of a search that works well. It gives a directory and also is based on finding files that have the extensions of EXE, CAP, and ZIP.

I want to add one more value to the search based on having one of the following names:
Amerifax*. (exe, cap, or zip)
ADC*. (exe, cap, or zip)
!Opus search

You can do it all in one line/wildcard (or from the Find > Simple mode, if you don't need any other criteria):


Works better than I hoped for.

Once any condition is run in the Utility Panel, there is a resulting file in folder File Collections folder. Is there any way to use the file in the Utility Panel as if it were a hard drive or folder for further filtering?

I see that there is.

Works good use it all the time.
How Could I add something I don't want included to this formula. Such as a file or extension or folder or drive?

That's best done as a second clause:

Name Match (Amerifax|ADC)*.(exe|cap|zip)
Name No-Match *moo*

Thanks again Leo

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