Search. Transparent diacritical marks

is there any way to tell Dopus Search to match words with and without diacritical marks by default?
an example would be like search for "homonimous" and get...
and viceversa, search for "homónimous" and get also all the other
basically make diacritical marks, accents, etc.. transparent
thanks for reading

There are "Ignore diacritics" options for Find-As-You-Type and the Filter Bar (Preferences / File Displays / FAYT and Filter Bar Options), but not for Tools > Find Files currently.

(What the search field does is up to Windows Search, so it may already work that way there, but I don't think we have control over that if it doesn't.)

Adding a similar option for Tools > Find Files definitely makes sense. We'll put it on our list.

Thanks Leo, I missed this FAYT option when checking into Preferences.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, I think I read somewhere on the this forums that there are two search engines, the "quick search" at the top (that I do not have, I think again because I got Windows indexing service disabled) and Opus own search, the one that appears when CTRL+F is pressed. Thanks for adding this "diacritical" option to this latter search.

A bit related to it, once I'm presented with a search results (Find Results tab) with some files in it. I cut/copy (CTRL+X/C) one of them, go to another tab, click onto New Folder, a "Create folder" dialog window opens, but when i do a CTRL+V to paste the file, nothing happens. Same methodology but from a "normal" source tab; not a "Find results" one, I get the name of the file previously cutted/copied into the "Create folder" box. So my question is about the possibility to get the same functionality as in "normal" source tab.
Hope I made myself clear!
Thanks for reading.

That's correct.

We'll make that work in 12.18.1 beta.