Hi Leo,

A some point DO upgraded the search engine because it was never so extremely fast even when searching in files. This is absolutely the best search engine I have ever used, hands down, and I have tried many.

Here is my question, can I some how make it as a stand-alone search that could hangout on my taskbar by my clock? It would sure be awesome if I could set a directory, or even a list of directories that I would want to instantly search and have it list results.

Here is the deal, I have a small program called Everything which searches my computer very fast, but it only searches for file names. DO searches file names plus inside of filenames, and using - + etc. I can adjust the results on the fly, "OH My GOD" it is just awesome. I really just want it to sit right on my Taskbar. I may use searches a little different because I basically find what I am looking for in the search and double-click on the folder/file and start the program or go to the file.

You are aware how DO works, you open DO, move to Directory to Search, then search. I just want to search and display the results without moving through the different Directories. I would like to have a default list of Directories for the search to use for 95% of the searches and then use DO to move to the directories not in my default list when I need to.

Two more questions, how can I speed up search in the Windows, Program File etc. Directories?
Last Question - where is a manual that shows all the keywords that can be used with your search.

Do you mean when using Tools > Find Files, or when using the Windows Search field at the top right of the window?

You can make the Opus tray icon near the clock do things when you double-click it, or add things to the menu you get when you right-click it. Details depend on exactly what you want it to do.

You can make something which opens the Find panel with a predefined list of folders to search. Or you can have it show a simple dialog asking for what you want to search for, which it will then look for in a similar list of folders, without showing the Find panel at all. (That also works when using Windows Search in Opus.)

That depends which find/search you're using, and also on the type of query that you're doing and what's making it slow.

Do you want to search those folders at all? You could just skip them, depending on how you want to define the folders that you do search.

You can open the local copy of the manual by pushing F1 in Opus, or use the Opus Manual menu at the top of this site to open the web version.

The way Opus's own Tools > Find Files works is pretty self explanatory, so if you're asking about keywords then I'm assuming you're talking about Windows Search. That isn't really part of Opus; we just pass the query you type over to Windows and display the results it returns. The manual has links to Microsoft's documentation on the keywords, although their documentation is extremely poor. It also keeps being moved around (like all Microsoft technical information) so I'll link to our manual page, rather than directly to Microsoft's page, so that we can update the link if needed in the future:!Documents/Windows_Search.htm