SearchEverything: Search for multi word string?

Using Everything I can search for a multi word string by enclosing it in quotes - e.g. "some string of words". How do I achieve the same result using SearchEverything? I have tried various options, none of which have worked. For example, I opened Everything and entered "schedule g" which correctly returned 34 hits. From a command window..

[ol][li]SearchEverything schedule g returned 2152 hits[/li]
[li]SearchEverything "schedule g" returned 1002 hits[/li][/ol]
(1) is ignoring the second word and returning all occurrences of schedule.
(2) is returning all occurrences of items containing both schedule and g

Edit: Answered my own question after further experimentation. The secret sauce is...

SearchEverything """"schedule g""""

Regards, AB