Searching directories - odd display

Hello all,

Hopefully a simple query.

I search for files based on their initial five character name - for instance, the full name of a file might be - c1234_letter to Commonwealth Bank.docx. If I do a search (top right hand search box) I will often, but I don't think always, manage to have displayed the correct files, not always at the top, but also other files which I don't think should be displayed - eg, files like "c1255" and "c2345" etc.

My search string for this file (or any number of files which begin with "c1234", which I note is always followed by an underscore) will be "c1234".

See the screenshot attached - no, can't find a format which is allowed. -

What am I doing wrong here?

Searching using the top-right box passes your query to Windows Search, which does the rest and sends Opus back a list of results.

Do you see the same thing if you do the same search within Windows Explorer?

Windows Search will do some content searching by default (I think only in folders which are indexed for searching), which may explain what you are seeing.

If you want something easier to understand, try Tools -> Find Panel, which uses Opus's own search functionality instead of Windows Search.

Thanks very much Leo.

I will use the Find Files now more often - it is very powerful - I see you have the option to search for text within the file as well.

But, it's a bit unwieldy if you just want to do a fast search and not muck around too much.

I have come in this morning and tried a few more searches in the (Windows) search box, and I have not had any "mixed" files results - all displays giving me only what I have sought. So, this is erractic - sometimes displaying files that really should not be there (unless as you say Windows is searching inside the files). What I am really saying is that I just want to search on filenames only.

I'll just keep this monitored and give it more thought.

I have some other things I will now get off my chest in further discreet posts.

Thanks. I should say that this a really good programme; used by me maybe 30 to 40 times per day; and a pleasure to use.

If you want a quick way to use Opus's internal Find tool to search for a filename or filename pattern, you could set up a button or hotkey which runs this:

Find CLEAR RECURSE IN {sourcepath$} NAME="{dlgstring|Enter search pattern}"

When you click that, it will show a box where you can type the name/pattern, then you just hit return and it searches below the current folder.