Searching does not work

Since a few weeks, search capacities does not work.
No error display, but show no results in any folder.

Are you using the Windows Search field at the top-right of the default toolbars, or Opus's internal Tools > Find Files panel?

If it is Windows Search, does the same search work in Windows Explorer's similar search field?

If the problem is only seen in Opus, can you give an example of the search you're doing and some files it should find but doesn't?

I'm using the search field in the bottom right corner. And, the same search does work in Windows explorer.
I've attached two screenshots from the same search in both programs.

The Admin button on your toolbar is disabled. Are you running the whole dopus.exe process elevated instead of using UAC elevation and Admin Mode from within the normal process? Or is UAC turned off for the machine entirely?

Running the whole dopus.exe process elevated can break things which might include the ability for the Windows Search results to come back to the main process.