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Searching in text viewer

Hi all, my first post, how exciting...

I'm not sure how to ask this question, hope it's not too trivial, for me though it's something I need. I'm evaluating Opus 10 (so nice) and one of the things I do all the time with my existing file manager (Salamander) is to perform some kind of search within a group of text files, and then from the resulting matching list of files I find the match within the text file. The way I do it now is to do a normal search, that returns a list of files, then I F3 on one of the files to view it, then F3 again and it takes me to the matching text that I was searching for. It carries over my search text into the search within the text viewer.

That's a really bad explanation I think, sorry. If I search now for text files containing "john", if I then view one of those matching files and want to find the word "john" in that file, I need to search in the file using the text viewer and type the word "john" there a way to avoid entering my search string twice to see the matching text the text viewer?

Anyway, this is very low priority, there are many other important questions here, thanks everything for contributing so much in this forum, it's very interesting and worthwhile reading...


I don't think there is a way to do that at the moment. The text viewer can search but it doesn't have any knowledge of the last Find/Search operation, so you have to re-type (or copy & paste) the search string as you say.

There's no reason that couldn't be changed, though. It might be worth sending a feature request so it's added to the list of ideas.

The Grep Dir button on my Diff/Merge Toolbar may also be of interest, although it's not perfect. It'll let you type a string and then see a list of the files containing the string, and the lines that contain it. But the list appears outside of Opus so you then have to manually select the files.