Searching OneDrive Files

When I search my 26,000 MS WORD ONEDRIVE files that are all saved on the cloud in CAPS, it only finds a portion of the files. When I search in either lower case or caps it will not display all my files.

I have tried changing many setting, but always have to return to factory settings.


Are you searching using Tools > Find Files, or using the Windows Search field (top-right of the toolbars)?

Is the aim to search file names, file contents, or both?

I have been searching using tools.
I believe that I have found my issue, there was type in the the lower (containing) search box that was not visable in the search window.

thank you for your quick reply.

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Can I clarify something about this - is there a way of search within (file contents) all OneDrive files, regardless of whether they are available on the device? I don't know if this is something baked into Windows somehow or whether I need to go to Onedrive online.

If it is possible can does this just require using the windows search panel in Dopus, or is it better to use the find panel (I like to search contents and filename at the same time)?

Windows 10 no longer indexes OneDrive if files on demand option is used, which makes it slow so I am wondering what options there are for better searching :confused:

If the best option is to have everything available offline I will look into this.


I'm not sure. That's more a question about OneDrive and Windows Search than about Opus.