Second computer

I read that use on a laptop computer and desktop are permitted.

Does this apply to my second computer in my home network as I do not have a laptop?


A second home computer would not normally be covered by the most common single-machine licence. The 1 extra laptop included by some licences is only for a secondary laptop, and only one which is for personal use.

Two desktop or similar PCs would normally require a dual machine licence (or two single licences, of course, but it costs less to add a second machine to an existing licence than to buy a completely separate licence).

More exact details can be found in Program License.

For a more definitive answer tailored to your situation & needs, please email our Sales address. They may have some details or offers which I'm unaware of, as I (and the forum) are more on the technical side of things than the sales side.


Thanks for the reply I'll look into it. However, it seems I can handle most of the file work through my network on both systems with the single install. It just took me a while to figure that out.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Life happens.