Secure delete no longer works

Hi all,

I've posted this in the Yahoo users group as well.

After months of faithful service the secure delete option (centre mouse
button/scroll wheel click) in Dopus has suddenly stopped working. I've
tried reinstalling with no joy - any ideas?

I'm running WinXP Pro Sp-2 and within the last couple of days had to
restore to a drive image that was a month old... I took the opportunity
at this time to uninstall StarOffice 8 Beta, GoogleEarth, NASA's
WorldWind, Ashampoo's Uninstaller Suite, and an open source GIS package
(name escapes me - I uninstalled because I never used it). I also
upgraded from Office 2000 Pro to Office 2003 Student and Teacher
edition. I retained Access 2000.



As Leo answered in the yahoo group, it's quite likely you have restored an old version of the toolbar which does not contain the Secure Delete command.

Easy way to check - Press ALT and Middle Click on the toolbar button that you expect to contain this function.

If it's there a button editor will show which has the command:



If not then you will need to re-add the command.

Thanks both to Leo and Tanis for your answers. I actually checked the button's configuration, but didn't dig deep enough. You're both correct, a second look reveals that it is simply set to perform the normal delete function.

Thanks so much! This is why I love these forums.