Secure screenshot not catching some folders

I notice that clipboard screenshot=secure misses blurring some names in the tree. I don't see any pattern in the names or positions of items that are not obscured. See below for an example.

I am guessing that C:, This PC and Documents are common to all Windows systems and therefore uncontroversial but Downloads also fits that description and does get blurred. Interestingly, Snagit is not blurred on the left but is on the right.

Is that really the folder tree (it looks unusual) or something else? Which branch of the tree is it? Those folders aren’t usually listed together at the top level.

Is that actually the folder tab bar on the left? If so, have you customised the tab names for some folders, manually or via a script?

Apologies. Not the tree, vertical tabs. :blush: No name customisation by any means.

Is it repeatable? Does it do it with the same folders every time?

The short answer is yes, repeatable, but with no discernible pattern. As an example, I opened a new lister with My PC, then added a second My PC then replaced the second My PC with Documents. Results as shown.

Thanks for that, I think we've got a fix for this now.