Select a HTML file and its associated directory jointly

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When you copy or cut a HTML file on windows, the associated directory will be copied or cut too. On DOpus power mode, HTML files and associated directories are seeing separately. What should I do to DOpus work as windows?

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I don't think there's an explicit option to make Opus behave that way. You could probably make a button/hotkey which selects the files/folders associated with the existing selection, if that helps.

Maybe you could add that command to the Cut and Copy hotkeys so it happens automatically, but I don't think there would be a good way to make it happen with some things like drag & drop.

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Is it impossible for GPSoftware to support this feature internally on next versions?

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I don't know how easy/difficult it would be to implement it so I can't answer that. The important thing is to ask.

(FWIW, that behaviour of Explorer used to drive me nuts in the days Before Opus, whenever I saved a webpage but only wanted to keep the images or the HTML but not both. To each their own though, of course. It's optional in Explorer these days, too.)

Well, I'm a submissive boy and I define a button for this work as your suggestion :laughing:, but there is another problem: the Select command work just once :exclamation:

I define a new key with following code:

@nodeselect Select "{o!|noext}_files"

This key worked just for first selected HTML file, even when many HTML files were selected. Any solution suggestion?

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I would have expected that to work as well, but you're right it only does the first one.

You can work around the problem by using dopusrt to make Opus run the Select command as if it is an external program, like so:

@nodeselect dopusrt /cmd Select "{o|noext}_files"

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[quote="searcher123"]Kisssssssss :wink:
I think if my questions continue, you will be showered of my kisses. :laughing: :laughing:[/quote]
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:cry: I'm crying hard, some problems appeared :open_mouth:

The key worked good to now, but I found it is not work when a file name have the chars as [, (, %, etc. Is any solution for this problem?

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Hmm, currently not that I can think of.
But we can fix it in the next version.

This question has been asked at least a few times in the distant past.
The problem, as it also is in this thread,
is that DOpus Pattern Matching Syntax causes trouble.

At some point in time after DOpus 8,
it became possible internal to DOpus,
to use Regular Expressions with the Select Command .
So, as a blind conjecture, does this work now ?

@nodeselect select regexp pattern=.*_Files
Note that a dot precceds the * character.

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I see and remember now.
My solution isn't specific to the original selected html files.
It results in all .*_Files directories being selected.

I'll think a little more on it :frowning:

Now I remember how I fixed this.
I wrote a crude command line program to filter out DOpus Pattern matching Syntax.
I don't recommend it, it's very crude at best.
I haven't used it myself since I wrote it.
I have it working here on Vista 32,
but I can't get runmode hide working at the moment.
Maybe I need a reboot or something.

Well, the button code is ;@nodeselect dopusrt.exe /cmd "C:\your path\SelectFix.exe" "{o|noext}_files"

Edit Note:
Best to forget it and wait for an upgrade to DOpus,
I can't get it working on filenames with spaces tonight. (30.7 KB)

[quote="jon"]But we can fix it in the next version.[/quote]Thanks Jon, It was a nice news.

[quote="Zippo"]I wrote a crude command line program to filter out DOpus Pattern matching Syntax.[/quote]Thanks for your effort

[quote="jon"]Hmm, currently not that I can think of.
But we can fix it in the next version.[/quote]
I hope this fix can be disable because sometimes i use "save as" action in IE to catch all pictures from a web page. I do not need html file, so i delete it and delete all files except picture in folder... So please add possibility to disable this fix... :confused:

If you always want to save the html and resources, why not use the
web-archive save-as option ?! It creates one single *.mht-file and
no more hassle with separated files/folders. In case you eventually
need specific elements from that page, you can save it to "tmp" the way
you do it right now..

Not a solution, but maybe a hint.. !?.. o) Personally I prefer this method,
I'm not a friend of having these files/folders apart.

I think Jon meant the problem with Select "{o|noext}_files" when filenames contain [, (, %, etc. would be fixed.

Well, answer is simple. Because:

  1. I don't work just with my HTML files and very few people save their HTML files in MHT format.
  2. I don't save my HTML files in MHT format too, because this format is suffered of some problems. For example, sometimes the pictures are not saved; many HTML editors can not work with MHT files; I'm not sure if the file will be readable under other OSs?; etc.

Howbeit, I must thanks for your hint.