Select Advanced - Deselect Non Matched

Select Advanced is a very useful command.

As it is now, I can add to the current selection with Select matching items or remove from the current selection with Deselect matching items. A Deselect non-matching items option would add the capability to replace the current selection.

Regards, AB

You can add arguments to the command to make it work that way (and e.g. have separate menu items or hotkeys to launch the dialog in different ways).

How would I do that? The Help for Select indicates that Select Advanced does not take any arguments. I did try Select Advanced DESELECTNOMATCH anyway, and confirmed that adding DESELECTNOMATCH doesn't make any difference.

Yes I can, and do use specifically tailored buttons. It just seems odd that the powerful and flexible Select Advanced interface includes all the other options except the one to replace currently selected.

Regards, AB

Actually, taking a step back, why do you need this when using the interactive Select dialog? You would normally deselect everything (one click) and then open the dialog, if you only wanted things the dialog matched to be selected.

From a button it is easy enough to..

However, I often make use of immediate commands, especially when testing from a vanilla configuration. In order to use >Select Advanced to replace what is already selected I first need to >Select None. Certainly not a big issue.

Given that Select Advanced is already something of a "Swiss Army Knife" command, perhaps the Opus developers would consider adding another blade.... :slight_smile:

Regards, AB

It seems like a blade which would usually get in the way, and never be useful. :slight_smile:

Why click a checkbox (which complicates & clutters the dialog) when you could click the background of the file display instead (which already works and adds no complexity)?

I wasn't thinking of a checkbox - just adding a Deselect non-matching items option to the dropdown.

As you correctly observe, I can click the display background to prepare the ground. My challenge is remembering to do that before firing the Select Advanced command. I have been known to forget.... :slight_smile:

Regards, AB

Deselect non-matching items in the drop-down would imply the dialog would not select anything at all, but would remove things which don't match the filter from the selection, but I don't think that's what you want (unless you want to do it in two steps with lots of faffing about with the drop-down and Apply button?).

I don't have access to what happens programmatically under the covers so my interpretation may be wrong, but this is how I expect the flow to work:

[ol][li]Items are selected based on my supplied filter - e.g. *.txt[/li]
[li]Everything else is then deselected based on my choice of Deselect non-matching items[/li][/ol]
The end result is that all .txt files (and only .txt files) are selected; the same as if I had executed..

Regards, AB

You don't need the Select NONE in that command.

Yes, quite so.

I was thinking of the need for Select NONE before Select ADVANCED in order to achieve the same effect as Select some-pattern DESELECTNOMATCH

Regards, AB