Select file after copying it to source?

For the life of me I cant figure this out.
After preforming
Copy "C:\Users\...\...\New_File\Pureref_NewV1.pur" TO {sourcepath}
I want the file selected as well, so I can perform further changes on it such as
SetAttr MODIFIED=now

Much appreciated!

Appending this should work:

SetAttr FILE={sourcepath}Pureref_NewV1.pur MODIFIED=now
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Thank you so much once again.

You could also use this:

Copy COPYFILETIMES=no "C:\Users\...\...\New_File\Pureref_NewV1.pur" HERE

You can also add COPYCREATIONTIME=yes if you want the Creation timestamp copied over and only want Modified bumped to now.

(Edit: Replaced TO {sourcepath} with HERE, which is a bit nicer.)


I can see both COPYFILETIMES=no and COPYCREATIONTIME=yes coming in handy! Thanks!