Select file viewed in viewer

When I'm viewing pictures, I use this command to select currently viewed file in file lister:

Show VIEWERCMD=selectfile
Show VIEWERCMD=close 

It works fine except that if I press Shift+Down, I get more than two files selected. It looks like the first file to be selected is the last viewed file, not the selected one.


  • I have files from 1.png to 5.png and I open file 2.png in the viewer
  • I press right arrow in the viewer to go to 3.png
  • I use the command above so I go back to lister. 3.png gets selected properly
  • I use Shift+Down and expect 3.png and 4.png to be selected. But 2.png is also selected.

How can I fix this behavior?

That's odd, and I couldn't reproduce it. How do you launch the viewer? Are there add-ins that select files?

Try inserting Select NONE as the first line in your button and see if it makes a difference.

We've fixed this for the next update. Thanks for reporting it!

(It didn't affect Details or Power mode, only Thumbnails, List, etc. modes, which is most likely why it was hard to reproduce at first. Once I thought to try another mode it was easy.)

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