Select files/folder listed in Excel File (.xls) to be copied

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Well I have tried to search around for a possibility but in vain, maybe I need the help of gurus here at the forum.

I had given a complete excel sheet of my movie collection (>1000) to a friend, he has marked out the movies he already has and has filtered the list of only the movies to be copied to his harddisk (connected as a NAS drive to my home network)

So now I have a list of folder names (in column A), with same named files within them, there are other additional columns for other media information. Now comes the hard part, in Directory Opus I have to manually choose /select the movie folders (which are non-contiguous) from my SOURCE disk to be copied and then do a paste command in the TARGET disk.

Is there a way or a solution in Directory Opus to select the folders based on the folder name list from excel/text file so I can easily do copy and paste in one go. There can also be a possibility where the SOURCE files is residing on more than one partition (drive W and X). So this drive letter and exact path of the folder is also mentioned in the excel file in a column, this might can come handy for doing selection from multiple source locations. The target location is the same in my case.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated and regarded.

Leo put your expertise to work :slight_smile:

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You could rig up something to do that but I think it'd be a lot easier to simply filter the list in Excel, so it only contains the files you want (i.e. delete the lines you don't want), then copy all those paths into a text file and turn that into a batch file that does the copy.

Deleting the unwanted lines should be simple by telling Excel to sort the data based on marked/unmarked (then delete the unwanted half).

Turning the list of files into a batch file is easy using a text editor that can do macros (most good ones can; you can make them record your keystrokes and then repeat them for every line).

Of course, you could also generate a big Opus command to do the copying, or turn the list into an Opus file collection (XML file), or even go crazy and write VBA code in Excel to loop through the sheet and call Opus's copy command... I think that's overkill though. :slight_smile: A batch file will get the job done and keeps things simple.

Well as you say. Given the kind of noob I am , I think I would need help in making this batch file.

Can you please assist me in that. I will filter down the file only for the wanted ones and export all the paths to a text file. Say it would be something like


What and how to do after it. How to make a batch file to copy these source files to the destination.

On the other hand It would be fun making it work through Directory Opus. So do give it a shot whenever you have some time.

Thanks for your usual help.

This solution is for OpenOffice but it works very similar in Excel, I think the semi colon (:wink: in the code should be replaced with a comma (,). Sorry but I don't have a copy of Excel at hand.

As Leo says, filter out the required fields then in the next empty column enter the following command: =CONCATENATE("xcopy w:\movies\english\";A1;"\*.*";" x:\movies\english\";A1;"\")
This is assuming that the first "folder name" is in cell "A1". If not, adjust the code accordingly. This will output the following text: [quote]xcopy w:\movies\english\FilmA*.* x:\movies\english\FilmA[/quote]

Copy the code for all records. This will give you a list of commands to copy folders from A to B.

[quote]xcopy w:\movies\english\FilmA*.* x:\movies\english\FilmA
xcopy w:\movies\english\FilmB*.* x:\movies\english\FilmB
xcopy w:\movies\english\FilmC*.* x:\movies\english\FilmC
xcopy w:\movies\english\FilmD*.* x:\movies\english\FilmD[/quote]
Copy these commands into text file, save as "copyfilms.bat" anywhere on your system and double click it to start the copy process.

This is how "I think" the command works in Excel, although you may need quotes (") around the cell reference: =CONCATENATE("xcopy w:\movies\english\",A1,"\*.*"," x:\movies\english\",A1,"\")
Hope it works for you, it sure does for me :slight_smile:

I've edited the last two posts.

Can we at least pretend that you're not doing something illegal here? This isn't that the kind of forum.

[quote="leo"]I've edited the last two posts.

Can we at least pretend that you're not doing something illegal here? This isn't that the kind of forum.[/quote]

You just not have to can be sure about it.

Its nothing illegal, I have purchased and own the BluRay discs myself and have ripped them in BDAV/MKV for my own sake. There is no legality involved in the giving away the discs/movies to the people you know and its totally on the owners discretion.

Thanks for all the help, though not possible via Directory Opus :slight_smile:

Depends on the local copyright laws. Copying a commercial movie and giving the copy to a friend is illegal for the majority of people reading this forum and thus is not a good topic for discussion here (especially when what the files contain isn't important anyway).

Cool, so I can give copies of my DVDs to hundreds of people and there's no legality involved? Excellent!

FYI, here it is possible to a degree. Afair moderate internet acquaintance (some days of small talk on instant messaging) has been proved before court here as enough for applying fair-use.