Select files from list, in text file or clipboard

Hi is possible select some file in the active lister reading their name from a text file or from clipboard ?

The text file contains one name for row, something like this:

image (1).txt

I searched the forum but I have not found a suitable answer.

Can someone help me or suggest something ?

Thanx in advance.

There's a few ways that you can tackle this (e.g. scripting dopusrt.exe /cmd Select..., or importing the file list as a collection).

The way that makes the most sense will probably depend on what you intend to do with the files once they are selected and how often you think you'll need to use the command.

Your first suggestion is what i'm doing now.

for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('type "C:\prova\1\select.txt"') do (
"C:\Program Files\DOpus\dopusrt.exe" /acmd select "%%a"

I have problems with names containing special characters like "[" or "(".

i think i must escape the special characters, if i have:

my image (1).jpg must become my image '(1').jpg

Can i do this on the fly ? Or is another way to use select without modify names.

I look in the xml advanced->filters and see this

1 - Copy (4).txt 1 - Copy (7).txt

the problem is that the command "select" use the wildcards method for default, if i switch the windows dialog "select files" to "advaced selection" , i can deselect "use wildcards" checbox and select the file which contains special characters without modify its name.

Can i force the "select" command to not use wildcards ?

Not currently.

What's the overall process here? Where does the list of files come from, and what do you need to do to the files after selecting them?

Can be a simple list of files hand compiled that i need to replace and backup or rename. Or can be result from checksum utility (failed files) to be copied another time.
For example:
Filter/select files to be copied >> copy files to destination >> create checksum of source files >> Verify destination files >> if failed files exist select them in source lister >> ....

So currently I must escape all occurrences of special characters in the text files. Right?

Yes, I think you'd need to escape the characters at the moment. We'll look at adding an argument to the Select command so that you don't have to.

The overall task that you're doing may be more suited to using the Sync tool in Opus, since that can compare file contents. (Or using some other diff tool, if you prefer, then deleting any incorrect files and re-copying them. There are commands in the Edit menu to select files that are/aren't in the other side, although copying with Skip-All can do similar of course.)

Thanks for the replies, i will give a look also at the sync tool.

In we will add a new EXACT argument to the Select command, so you can do things like this:

Select "Cat Photo (1).jpg" EXACT

Note that this change will probably not be part of the imminent update. It will be in the beta update after it.

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