Select files that DON'T have duplicates

I have two disks with E:/Graphics being a backup of D:/Graphics. I also have 2nd backup “just in case”! I am working my way through the folders of D:/Graphics deleting photos I don’t want. I would then have to do the same on E:/.

I know that I could run a Duplicate check on the two disks, deleting duplicate files on E:/ - anything left on E: will be the files I have cleared from D:/. I could then delete all those and copy the wanted files from D: back to E:/ again. That has a major drawback - I have to delete 100s of files from E: and then copy them back again from D:

Can Dopus to the opposite - select the files E:/Graphics that don’t have duplicates on D:/?


You could find all the duplicates, then select them and apply a label to them. Then do a search for files which don't have the label to get a list of the non-duplicate files.

Alternatively, doing a one-way sync with the option to delete files in the destination which don't exist in the source may be a good way to do it, depending on the number of files involved.

Thanks for the prompt response. I'll try the first method I think as that lets me check the duplicates I probably want to delete. The second method I had thought about but discarded as it didn't leave me in full control of what was deleted - ie I couldn't check before the delete.

Tools > Synchronize Files lets you see what will happen before anything happens.

As I had not used the delete part of synch before I hadn't realised that.