Select files with similar name and skip

I managed to do some steps with standard commands, but things started to get specific to the point of considering a script, could someone help me with a script?

Step 1- select the first file in the folder, check if there are other files with the same name before the first dot " . " and also select them (for example, if you selected a file called, it will also select a possible file called .

Step 2- After that, check if the next file in the folder has a different name before the first point (for example 2.0.mp3 is different from the previously selected 1.0.mp3), and also select files with the same name as it before the first point (2.0 .mp3, 2.1.mp3, 2.1.mp3) and skip them. Now repeat the process from step one to step two, until all files in the folder are checked and correctly selected, and apply a preset rename "preset1"

After that, invert the selection, selecting all the files that are unselected in the folder, and apply sum preset rename "preset2" to it.

In other words, I'm trying to select files with a similar name, skip the next file that has a different name that also has a similar name, then select the next file and the others that have a similar name.
In a folder with files with the following names 1.0.mp3, 1.1.mp3, 2.0.mp3, 2.1.mp3, 4.0.mp3, 4.1.mp3, 6.0.mp3, 6.1.mp3

Only 1.0.mp3, 1.1.mp3, 4.0.mp3, 4.1.mp3 would be selected and a preset rename applied to them. Then they would be deselected so that 2.0.mp3, 2.1.mp3, 6.0.mp3, 6.1.mp3 were selected and a different preset rename was applied.

Seems complex enough that using scripting is the best path. Doing it via a script will likely end up more simple in the long run.

So is it possible to do this through Standart Command?

Perhaps,if it were possible to make a custom command modifier.
As much as I want to do this with Dopus Internal commands, I don't think I can do it with just a regular expression.

Your best answer is a script.
How to implement that is an open question.
Exploding strings to arrays with a common element separator definitely helps, but I'm only a beginner in JScript.

Loops can cause trouble.
There may be a better path.

I have avoided creating some buttons due to the complexity of the scripts. So I've been seeking refuge in excel. But some things I need to run in DO :confused:

Avoiding scripting when you want to do something complex and esoteric will make things harder, not easier,

Using a spreadsheet to create a long list of single rename commands might be easier and faster than tinkering forever to write a script that covers everything in a single run.

Yes, it takes a long time to learn, it's only worth learning a script if it's recurring. I would only need this script and one more to practically solve my work. I intend to learn script permanently for the long term, but right now that would be more of a problem than a solution.

I got a solution with Excel :slight_smile: