Select folders with a folder picture


how can i select all folders that have a folder picture -- (with a folder.jpg file inside the directory)?


There are a few ways you could do it, some involving scripting.

What do you want to do with the folders once selected? That will inform the best route.

I ultimately want to move them to another folder. I'd like to do that manually to allow for some subsequent checks.

So ideally I just want to select the folders from the folder list.

Here's one way to do it:

I think that script finds folders that don't have the specified file, but it's trivial to swap the true/false at the end over. Or just reverse the search criteria.

The only thing you'll need to edit is the name of the file within the script.

Thank you Leo!!! I'll give it a try.

Everything installed fine but when I run the search it doesn't find anything. The art i have in the folders is a file called Folder.jpg. Some folders have art some don't.

Does that make a difference? I see a reference to FolderArt.xmv in the script. Should i change that?

You'll want to change that, yes.

"The only thing you'll need to edit is the name of the file within the script."

Wow wow wow. this is so cool. Now i can even add it as a column and just sort the list without having to do any searches! This is fantastic.

This tool impresses the hell out of me every time i use it. And I've been using it for many years.

Thank you!!!!!

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