Select listview subitems column items possible?

Is it currently possible to select the items in listview subitems columns or only for the first column?

List views don't allow individual subitems to be selected, only the item (but you can turn on full-row selection to visibly highlight the whole row if you want).

That's what I expected. Just wanted to be sure.
For my use case it would be nice (but not essential) if I could select the subitems to copy them to an edit control.
I only use the listview because it allows to show items in horizontal order instead of the vertical list of a listbox. A much better solution for this would be a listbox without column header that shows items one after the other with a visible separator.

Maybe you want to use the listview in List mode rather than details?

Hm, yes that looks better for me but I'm afraid there's no autosize option for this. If there's one longer string a lot of space will be wasted. Unfortunately not usable for me.

You can control the width by setting the Control.columns(0).width property.

Really? I thought columns are only present in details mode. That's also what the documentation tells about Control.columns.