Select multiple tabs and do commands against the set

this request has a number of items and parts :
a_1) the ability to select more than one tab at a time
a_2) ... and have commands apply to all (e.g. add/remove column)
a_3) the abiltiy to move them up and down, relative to other tabs, together
... by using the TabPos command or the mouse

b) if tabClose (button or command), could be configured to closed all selected tabs,
that would be very helpful

c) an option to provide a close button on the tabs displayed by a tablist command
via either the use of the preferences setting
or an option on the go Tablist command
or both (likely having the local option override the preferences/global setting)

d_1) an ability from the tablist command to select
as the tab-display sequence (like column headers path / filename to click on)
d_2) a top-level command to do the same

e) when items in a tablist use hotkeys (e.g. tablist=keys),
it would be better if more than 0-9 were available,
e.g. A-Z instead would be good, if GT 26 are present, use AA-ZZ, this would be optimal

While not as nice as multi-selecting the tabs themselves, a script could be written now which shows a dialog listing tabs for multi-selection, then runs a command on the ones you select.