Select NONE fails after Createfolder

When applied via a button, this sequence of commands leaves the newly created folder selected. When applied as two separate commands using the "instant command" capability, it works as expected.

createfolder {date|yyyy'-'MM'-'dd}_{time|hh'-'mm'-'ss} Select NONE
Regards, AB

This works:

createfolder {date|yyyy'-'MM'-'dd}_{time|hh'-'mm'-'ss} Select ALL Select NONE

This also works..

createfolder {date|yyyy'-'MM'-'dd}_{time|hh'-'mm'-'ss} Select NONE Select NONE
It's a timing issue (the new folder is selected asynchronously) and as I have discovered, such timing issues are not uncommon when stringing sequences of commands together in a button. The technique of repeating the SELECT command works as a bypass in this case but perhaps a better general solution would be some form of WAIT or DELAY command.

createfolder {date|yyyy'-'MM'-'dd}_{time|hh'-'mm'-'ss} Delay Select NONE
Regards, AB