Select text from PDF preview

A long shot as most likely this is not possible, but still I give a try . . .

Directory Opus, 3 screens, left = tree, right=filenames (pdf files)
At the bottom I have the preview of a pdf.

I want to rename files by adding text from the preview.
(instead of opening each file, copy the text, close the file, add text to the name)

That´s a feature request?! Because, it seems, there is currently no way of
fetching text from a PDF preview.

It depends on which PDF viewer you have installed. Whichever it is, it's all up to the viewer and outside of Opus's control. Opus just hosts the PDF viewer which can then provide (or not) whichever features and user interface that it chooses to.

I am using the built in ActiveX thing, which is fine, except for not being able to select text from the preview. Is there a way to use anything else then ?

There is no built-in PDF viewer. The ActiveX plugin allows third-party PDF viewers to work inside Opus, but it just functions as an adapter and does not handle the actual viewing.

You're probably using Adobe Reader or PDF-XChange or something similar as the actual viewer.

I checked my FoxitReader, but there are no special controls available, except the most basic ones like zooms, & page fitting options.
No "select/copy text" tool, which you would need.

If you have Adobe Reader installed and tell the ActiveX plugin NOT to use the Adobe PDF Preview Handler, then it will fall back on Adobe Reader itself, which lets you select and copy text.

Here's a screenshot

This is an old fix but in trying to implement it now unfortunately didn't work - any other means to use a text select/copy tool within the pdf viewer pane?

These days you would also need to add .pdf to the Internet Explorer 32-bit line in the same config window.

(Or switch to a better PDF Preview Handler. The good ones should allow you to do text selection and copying to the clipboard, I would expect. I'm surprised if Adobe Reader still doesn't when used as a Preview Handler... The IE plugins are very old these days.)

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Did the trick! Thanks Leo!

FYI: I first wanted to find out which Adobe PDF reader the above image is based on - because if you download the current Adobe PDF reader version, you only get a 600MB Adobe DC version with a terrible user interface, where nothing can be copied from the preview). However, after uninstalling this 'new' Adobe reader, I checked the box in Dopus under Preferences -> Viewer -> 'ActiveX+Preview+Office+Web'-> Web browser -> 'Internet Explorer 64-Bit' ... and NOW the - apparently in Internet Explorer - set plug-in of the 'PDF-XChange Editor' from Tracker Software used here was suddenly displayed in the right preview window => and NOT only as a preview, but apparently the entire 'PDF-XChange Editor' program was loaded in the preview (also with toolbars at the top), which did NOT ONLY display the PDF document, BUT you could use all functions of the program, i.e. ALSO copy text(!). => (+)

FYI: When I asked Tracker-Software one week ago (like 2 years ago) when it would - finally - be possible to copy text in their PDF previewer, they replied that this would take some time ...

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