Selecting the first element after entering a folder

Hi all!

I noticed some annoying behaviour working with keyboard in DOpus.

  1. When you enter a folder by hitting the enter key, the folder content appears and the first element is "ghosted". I mean that is not selected but is surrounded by a dotted box. If, say, I wish to activate exactly this element (folder or file is the same), hitting enter does nothig. I must first click with mouse or hit the spacebar. After that the element can be activated by hitting enter.

  2. Some windows behave strangely working with Italian keyboard. For example, if I try to enter a "}" character in the script editor hitting SHIFT+ALT+"]" a strange message about parentheses matching appears. I must enter the char with ALT+125 Tn.

  3. In find files dialog, if I try to digit a "~" character via ALT+126 Tn the simple options pane switches to the advanced options pane (just hitting ALT+1 Tn). If I want to enter that char I must open the notepad, enter the char and copy/paste into DOpus.

Too bad with the Italian keyboard you cannot reach those characters with a single keystroke.

Is there a way to change this annoying behaviour (other that switching the keyboard layout)?

Thanks in advance... Umberto

This had come up before from another user and I think Tanis was the one that said "yeah, you have to hit spacebar to actually 'select' the first item" in the folder...

I have 2 suggestions:

a) petition GPSoft for a Feature Request to provide a "Folders" option in Prefs like Auto-select first item in file display when entering folders or some such option.

b) Bind a NEW hotkey with something like <CTRL+ENTER> to perform the following 2 commands:

Select FIRST

This will let you hold the CTRL key down the whole time pressing Enter - Enter - Enter in sucession to "go" into each selected initial folder. Once you hit a 'file' and not a 'sub-folder' as the first selected item - the hotkey will do nothing (unless maybe for supported zip files).

You could naturally bind such commands to a single key if you don't want to use <Ctrl+ENTER>... but I would advise NOT to use just plain ... since you will then no longer be able to 'open' selected files by hitting the enter key. Maybe a function key like or something would make you happy...

Hmmm... I would have thought that if a zip file were the first item in a folder entered using the commands I suggested, that performing the commands again would 'go' into the zip file as a folder. It doesn't :frowning:... oh well. But it works fine for folders.