Selective hash calculations based on file type

I have a Lister which has the SHA-1 Checksum column. Is it possible to make it so the SHA-1 Checksum is calculated only for a specific file type in the Lister, with all of the other file types being ignored?

Generally not possible, atm. But you could use a trick.

You could make a button running

GetSizes HASH=SHA1

But you'd need to remove the column beforehand, to avoid some calculation of the unwanted files.

In v13 you could try an evaluator column:

ext=="doc" ? shasum : "sorry"
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<evalcolumn align="0" attrrefresh="no" autorefresh="no" foldertype="all" keyword="sha-limited" maxstars="5" namerefresh="no" reversesort="no" title="sha-limited" type="0">ext==&quot;doc&quot; ? shasum : &quot;sorry&quot;</evalcolumn>

A script column could do the same in v12.


Thanks for the tips!