Send paused operations to queue


I copy/move some (3-4 or more) folders from slow-speed source (e.g., FTP) simultaneously and need to pause some operations while other ones still run (in order to speed up particular needed operations). After finishing that priority operations I want to resume paused operations, but need to do it manual. It would be nice to have ability to move paused operations to queue in order to finish them one-by-one instead manual resume (I may be far from PC at that moment).

You can queue copy/move operations, but it has to be specified when the operations start.

If automatic queueing is on then it may happen automatically (depending on the source and destination of each copy/move). But you can also make a button which explicitly adds things to a common queue. e.g. Copy QUEUE=MyQueue.

I know how it works now, but I write about past- queuing. Sometime I can't know whether I use queue before operations begin.

So, I suggest to add button "Add to queue" for every operation, when amount of currently running operations is 2 or more. It will provide all disk resources to running operations and after finishing them starts the queue for rest operations. Now we can pause operation only, but can't auto-resume it.

This feature is usable in the case when user can't predict folders sizes (or real operations duration) and begins to copy first folder assuming it's small size (fast copy). During long lasting first operation user may need to run more priority second operation (he can't wait completion of the first one), which will run long enough due to slow FTP-connection (or big amount of files). So, user pauses first operation and runs second one to achieve its fastest completion. There's no guaranty that second operation will be completed soon and user may send first operation (and any number of running desired operations) to queue and go away from PC, meanwhile all queued operations will be completed one by one.

It's my yesterday's real case. I return to this problem from time to time. And I thought It will be nice to use existing queue feature to automate that processes.