Separate look for source/destingation windows

Is there any way to "overlay" the source/destingation window look? I'd love to make them more distinguished from other Opus' windows opened so if I'd make source i.e. more green and target more say red, that'd help a lot

You can change the colors in -> settings -> preferences -> display -> colors & fonts -> other colors -> file display border.
The first three items are the interesting ones.

Thanks. any hints why it does not work here? Do I need some other options enabled too (like aero related stuff)?

Sorry, i have no idea, why it doesn´t work for you. The aero settings shouldn´t affect the file display border graphics.

Anyone got that working then?

Without any screenshots or a better description than "it does not work here," it's hard to know what to suggest. :slight_smile:

The option Abr pointed out affects the colour of the File Display Border. If you're using a single-display window and have the border configured to only be shown when using a dual-display window, then it won't be visible at all. But in any other situation I can't think of a way that the option Abr suggested would not affect the colours of the border.

Ok, that's clearer now (by "border" I expected Windows' window border). I use single-display window and I would prefer option to change decoration of whole system window border/frame or even background. Anything that would make window visually different from others

Turning on some/all of these may help make it clearer which window is the source:

[ul][li]Preferences / Display / Options / Fade selected item colors when file display does not have focus

[li]Preferences / Display / Options / Fade selected item colors when tree does not have focus

[li]Preferences / File Displays / Border / Show file display border in single display mode[/li][/ul]