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Serious instability with Alcohol image files

On a hard drive (ntfs), I store some alcohol image files (.mds & .mdf) in a few folders.
When I enter any of those folders, The cursor transforms itself in the hourglass, (hard drive working)
then Dopus shuts down, loosing all the opened tabs, even though I had disabled ALL plugins a long time ago,
because they induced a lot of instability. I observed the same stuff on other computers,
with other hard drives when more than a few alcohol files were present.
It's not a 100% behaviour. Generally, I manage to display the files after about half a dozen tries.
Various versions of Alcohol were installed on these machines.
Explorer never had any problem.
I've observed this for all Dopus versions for a few years.
Could there be something wrong with my Dopus's options ?

Did you try the measures from this FAQs?

Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files

Crash, exit or high CPU when viewing a certain directory

Well, under preferences, listers, there is no Thumbnails submenu...

Well, under preferences, listers, there is no Thumbnails submenu...[/quote]
Ah, it moved! Anyway, it was unchecked. Still searching...

Well, under preferences, listers, there is no Thumbnails submenu...[/quote]

It´s actually in preferences -> lister view modes -> thumbnails, it´s the checkbox at the bottom.
Tip: you can type keywords in the »Filter« field, it is quite helpful for finding things in the prefs menu.

Removing the association in Alcohol solved the problem, but, of course, removed the legitimate icons.

This seems to indicate a lame (slow & disk intensive) treatment from Alcohol.
But it also points towards an excessive frailty from Dopus (not from ie...), which, instead of waiting, just quits, loosing all the tabs.
As maybe, this could help, all my Dopus versions are & were configured to automatically display the sizes of all folders.

Thanks for your kind help,
With friendship,

Opus is not exiting because it didn't wait long enough; Opus is running Alcohol's shell extension inside of DOpus.exe (as happens with all shell extensions; same in Explorer) and the apparently buggy code in Alcohol's shell extension (I say that as it's caused lots of problems over the years, but maybe the fault lies elsewhere) is crashing. If a shell extension crashes then it takes out the process it is running inside, i.e. DOpus.exe.

You should report the problem to the people who write Alcohol so they can fix their bug, assuming that is where the problem lies.

(Or maybe Opus should just blacklist the Alcohol shell extension by default.)

If you use Alcohol just for editing/mounting/burning images and not for 1:1 backups, you could use PowerISO, which works fine with DO and is much smaller.

Hate to dig this old thread up, but I think it's somewhat important. I was experiencing the symptoms the topic creator describes for several weeks myself, but couldn't figure out the cause. Today I found this thread and could also identify that Alcohol is STILL the problem causer. I'm using the most recent versions of both Alcohol and Dopus.

Maybe you should blacklist the Alcohol shell extension for real, as this is really annoying when it isn't clear what makes Dopus crash, and apparently the Alcohol devs won't fix it. In my case, I had ISOs lying around next to other files, some of them in root directories of partitions, others in different subdirectories. I move files around a lot, as well. So it was hard for me to see if it's really a certain file type. For a long time I was suspecting file system or hard drive errors and was pretty worried about my machine - as other threads also lead to these kinds of issues as trouble causers. In the end I'm happy to have identified that it's a program that I can reconfigure to work alongside Dopus.

So, for those who want to keep Alcohol and Dopus, you can turn off Icon creation from the Alcohol settings. Enter View -> Options and in there go to Virtual Drive -> Shell Extension and uncheck all file types.

Kind greetings from a fan of both Dopus and Alcohol (in multiple ways) :slight_smile: