Set a folder link as button

hi great product so far
just wondering how to set custom buttons to goto a folder like the drive buttons do


Hi there Archades,

Probably the easiest way is to just right click on the toolbar where you'd like the button and select Customize..., and while in 'customize mode' just drag the folder you'd like onto the toolbar. Voila... instant button :slight_smile:!

And the command itself is the same one used for drives ; if you want to create a button that opens the folder "D:\My own folder", just use the command :

Go "D:\My own folder"

ahh thanks
found what i was lookin for:P

the favourites button list:D
cant believe how much is in this program:O

also curious on how to setup multiple file type hiding
*.jpg, *.gif, *.psd
doesnt seem to work, not sure what the delimiter is

also can the favourites menu button be setup as hover instead of clicking?

Heres' your syntax


At a given character position, you place all of the "replace-able" character options for that character position inside of the parens "(" and ")", each separated by a vertical bar character "|".

So "(coffee|end|dinner) table" (without the surrounding quotes) would filter for:

coffee table
end table
dinner table

This was one of the HARDEST things for me to grasp when I switched to DOpus. I must've asked this question or looked it up a dozen times! :sunglasses:

ahh cool
handy features

cept now its having problems setting custom folder options...
such as it wont let me change the default folder options, it keeps adding in the attributes etc which is annoying, i set all folders to have only what i want, but they randomly change back as if it's a mischevious child. seems like it reverts to program defaults or soemthing, and not to the custom defaults...
any idea how to change the program defaults? and also i want other folders to be diff but only them, and maybe their sub folders

The most important folder format is the one in Preferences, Folders, Folder Formats under the Default Formats section, called Custom. The first thing to do is make sure that's set up how you want it, because it's what everything else will fall back on by default.

Having done that, find your saved formats in the Folder Formats section of the list and edit them. On the Options tab there's a checkbox:

Include columns from other matching formats

This is probably what's causing extra columns to appear. You just need to clear it. (Note: For some reason this checkbox only appears when you edit a format via Preferences and not when going via the Folder Options command.)

The other thing you should be aware of is Content Type Detection which will automatically switch the format when you go to a directory which mainly has images, documents or music (by default). You'll see those formats in the Preferences list along with the ones we were just talking about and you can edit or disable them if you like. You can also turn the entire detection system off via a checkbox in the Options tab.

yay its working great
thankyou heaps:D

great program i must say
handy just like girder is

one more quick question

i have a reg file that i use to mount iso's to daemon tools on right click, sample of code..


[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.bin\Shell\Burn using DVD Decrypter]

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.bin\Shell\Burn using DVD Decrypter\Command]
@=""E:\~Ripping\DVD DeCryptor\DVDDecrypter.exe" /MODE ISOWRITE /SOURCE "%1""


@=""C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -mount 0,"%1""


@=""C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -unmount 0"

it works fine in explorer, however in dopus it doesnt seem to see any of the entries, not sure why, i kinda have an idea it migght be looking for menu text which is undefined as Context Menu Editor tells me

any ideas?

Have a look at the .bin filetype in the Opus filetype editor to see what Opus thinks of it.

If the entries don't appear you can always create them. The same code should work as Opus commands.

I use the awxDTools context menu handler for DT which works fine with Opus, so that's also an option if you can't work out why your existing menu items aren't working.

anyway i can add them in through a text file, or edit an existing one

or modifying a .reg file to add them in would be great

or at least make a new one, copy the info from it into the other file types

also why isnt it picking the info from the classes_root reg entries?

found that settig file group type seems to work, however i cant set a default action for them

i have to manually add in each filetype and make a default action for each of them, i cant have the all of them in the one group and make it a default action

right clicking and clickign teh menu item works fine, just double left click in the dopus explorer asks for me to tell it what program to use:(

nevermind previous, found it anyway, didnt know that setting the filetypes in system files types that u could have more than one

now jsut another simple question, can i export/save the one i made for ever if i need to reinstall,
searching through registry for what i typed the name in for the file description, can only find it on the entry binfile, not .bin, which is strange

@="CD/DVD Image File"

@="C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe,0"


@="Burn with Dvd Decryptor"

@=""E:\~Ripping\DVD DeCryptor\DVDDecrypter.exe" /MODE ISOWRITE /SOURCE "%1""


@=""C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -mount 0,"%1""


@=""C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -unmount 0"

dont see any of the iso bin nrg mds mdf cue ccd or any other ones that i set

seems the name of the menu entries goes to explorer as well once set in dopus so im guessing its in the reg

You don't normally see the 'command' data for a given extension directly under the ".XXX" reg key that represents the extension. What you do normally get is a "Default" string value which is the name of the file types 'description'. This name also has a reg key and as you seem to have seen, this is where the context handler 'command' data is stored. By doing things this way, the 'description' of many extensions can point to a common key so command handling for many extensions can only have to be specified once in the description oriented key.

Not sure what you meant by:

[quote]dont see any of the iso bin nrg mds mdf cue ccd or any other ones that i set[/quote]but if you're saying that you don't get the menu commands for those extensions, it's likely because the "Default" string values for those extensions are NOT set to binfile.

Note- when doing things like this in Opus, you can also create your own 'File Type Groups', assign the extensions you want associated with the group, and define the commands you want that way. I've done this with certain files whose extensions get grabbed up often by various applications I eval... Otherwise, when app XYZ comes along and takes 'ownership' of an extension and it's description changes, the normal Windows registry extensions based on the babble above get trashed. By using Opus File Type Groups (commands for which do NOT show in Explorer though... only in Opus), you can prevent other apps from hijacking the context menu commands you define.

If you want to backup Opus-specific filetype changes you can either:

a) Use Export in the File menu of the main filetype editor/list to export a single type,


b) Use the Import/Export command to export all of them at once (along with toolbars, preferences, etc. if you like).

i try to export it but i only see DOPUSPREFS


in the file
i can see all the diff file types individual, but linked via the description under teh file types, just i cant seem to find where the info for them is stored in the registry,
in the classes root folder, i can find the individual items but they have a different menu setting

just wanna clarify the menu's are all working fine, just i wanna export them to a reg file so next time i format my pc i can just run it, for both explorer and dopus

i jsut deleted the binfile from reg and it seemed the other files lost their settings to, so its doing the controlling, now i just need to findout where the other files are pointing to it

ahh i found it
in the base dir for the regfile entry of .bin or .iso, the default key is pointing to .binfile which has all the entries it's looking for,

i changed .binfile to discimage for easier clarification for myself in teh reg
its all working
thanks for ya help, great program, hopefully i wont have any more questions but then again it makes us all learn right?

[quote]ahh i found it
in the base dir for the regfile entry of .bin or .iso, the default key is pointing to .binfile which has all the entries it's looking for[/quote]This is exactly what I was trying to describe to you in my last post, and is also the reason I suggest you consider defining an opus File Type Group... If you were to reinstall your system depending on the order in which you install applications, the "Default" value of your .iso/.bin files could wind up being something 'other' than what it is now - as you've seen here between the binfile and discimage values, these descriptions can change. For instance, right now your 'Opus' commands could appear under the binfile reg key... but if you were to install say ISOBuster, the .iso description could change from binfile or discimage to IsoFileImage and render your current Opus defined commands non-functional. This makes it tough to evaluate new programs without messing up your DO context menu.

As a solution to this, when you go the route of the Opus File Type group, the group is defined under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Filetypes\Groups reg key, and just uses the extension as a way to specify the 'members' of the group, and the actual commands you want to apply to them are stored under this reg key as well rather than the linked 'description' reg key. So in this way, no matter what applications ever get installed and possibly hijack each extensions "Default" string value... 'YOUR' commands will always work.

On a side note- since you were giving 'reinstallation of your system' as an example of why you'd like to be able to save these settings, I strongly suggest you look at the Settings->Import and Export menu option... like Nudel said this is what lets you save 'everything' in your Dopus config.