Set encoding during a file join

I often need to join a number of text files together (part of SQL Server database management scripts).

Unfortunately, the text files are generated from different programs and come with different encoding. Before doing the Join, I need to check each one to ensure that the encoding is consistent otherwise the Join operation makes the contents go haywire.

Can the Join operation allow the overridding of the encoding OR could I do a "bulk conversion" and force them to be all of the same encoding.

Additionally, I could like a column type that shows the text files encoding.



The Join tool does a binary join of the parts, so it won't be suitable if you need to convert different parts between different encodings.

Opus's scripting API provides helpers for loading binary data and converting it between encodings, so that is probably the way to go. It sounds like you would need custom logic anyway, which the Join tool would never give you.