Set hotkey to select item (another way to left-click)?

Is there a command to simulate a left-click (under default configuration this would select a file in the lister; double left-click would open it)? I'm guessing this may not be possible because the command would have to interpret the location of the mouse pointer. But at the same time, if left-click, middle-click, and right-click all work to select the file, then perhaps there's a way to set an alternative hotkey to perform the same function?

Did you try simple select this?

No there's no way to select the file under the mouse pointer except by using the mouse. You could probably simulate a mouse click using one of the hotkey programs like AutoHotkey.

Thanks for the replies. I figured it wasn't possible, but using autohotkey will be a descent compromise. The reason why I inquired about this function is because I would like to execute a series of commands from within Opus using only one button or hotkey, so that one click would first select the file under the mouse and then continue executing the commands on the file selected.