Set Label Menu, Ctrl Modifier, Works with Mouse, Not with Keyboard

I am using a button with this:


If I use {Ctrl+Left Click}, a label is added to the ones that already exist. If I use {Ctrl+Enter} instead, the label replaces the ones that already exist.

I would like the second combination to work like the first one, as sometimes I prefer to use the keyboard only.

Are you able to reproduce that? (To rule out it is not something on my end that is causing conflict.)

In which context are you pushing Ctrl+Enter to run the command?

Do you mean you have made a Ctrl+Enter hotkey, or are you opening a menu and then moving to the menu item and pushing Ctrl+Enter to run it, or something else?

The button is on a toolbar. I navigate to the button, press it, the list opens, I select a label and use Ctrl+Enter.

The command probably won't see the Ctrl key in that situation.

This is done on purpose as otherwise giving hotkeys to some commands would change their behavior in unwanted ways, due to Ctrl/Shift being part of the hotkeys that trigger them.

Okay. I am going to use two menus instead, one that replaces all labels and one that adds to existing labels.

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