Set LISTERTITLE includes support for "tokens" in the title string such as %N - name of the current (source) folder so I can specify, for example:

Set LISTERTITLE "[Aussie] - %N"

It would be nice if DOS variables could be added to the list of supported "tokens". Then I could specify..

Set LISTERTITLE "[%USERNAME%] - %N" pick up the current user ID rather than have [Aussie] hard coded.

Regards, AB

You could do that using a script. Here's a sample: Re: A token to add the version number to the Lister Title

Thanks. That's an excellent solution for a button or an immediate command. What I'm really after is a way to achieve this from a layout. For example, my default layout (default.oll)currently includes..

I'd like it to handle..

Regards, AB

A script that implements the OnOpenLister event could parse the title string and update it accordingly.

Thanks for the gentle nudge jon.... :laughing:

Regards, AB

That the sample script I pointed to already implements OnOpenLister, so it should be a good starting point.