Set path name as description

How can i set the current folder path as the collections´s description after coyping it to the collection?
The problem is, for example, when copying E:\pictures* to coll://pictures, there is no easy way
to show the original path of the contained contents from that viewing level (We can activate
the paths only inside the collection).

I think i found it now:

Go coll://CollFavoriten/1Spec select FIRST CLIPBOARD COPYNAMES=path Go UP SetAttr Description={clip}


Hmm, no. It doesn´t work reliably.

Like the other collections button stuff you posted today, I'd say the problem here is all the changing the current dir, selecting etc. (and using the clipboard)... It's not necessary and makes things fragile; just give the commands the paths you want to work on directly.

e.g. You are going to the collection and selecting the first thing in it, then copying its name to the clipboard... Instead, could you get the name when you copy the items into the collection instead? Depends how you copy into it, I guess...

e.g. You are relying on Go UP selecting the previous folder so that SetAttr applies to it; just use {sourcedir} if you want to reference the current folder.

BTW, {clip} needs quoting in the command if it might contain a space. I'm not certain but it may also give you what was in the clipboard before the button started running, not what was put in it during the button. (That is, I suspect {clip} is expanded before the button starts to run. I might be wrong.)

Yes, if would know how. the problem is, i start somewhere. Then i want to clear the collection first (i will stick to my clumsy code, because it actually can put the contents there
without the query. Those query spoils the whole workflow.), but then the program is in that place (the collection) & not in the starting dir anymore.

You mean the name? Actually it´s the path, i want to put into the collection. An option would be good to show the content´s original path (ok, only in case it´s one location only). This is some workaround only.

I´m not sure, how. I tried Go {sourcedir}, but that´s not it.

Ok, i can put it in quotings once it works somehow. But yes, it seems not to be right content. Mostly it ends up putting the collection´s path into the description field (which i can have by using the standard commands). I have to admit, that i almost don´t know anything about the many different paths in the parameters.

By the way, i tried to use the @set command to solve this (i used some other code i have to get the right usage
of @set), but it was no success. Maybe it was some good approach nevertheless?!

I've included the SetAttr stuff in my follow-up in the related thread: Help on some clumsy code for dynamic collections