@set variable using alias?

Hi there, on Opus 11...

Just wondering about syntax or maybe it's not enabled...
What am I doing wrong here.. ?
I suspect alias' can't be used in variable declarations ?
Thanks for any pointers.

@set FFMPG = "/dopusdata/ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg.exe"
//alias isn't being expanded

That would set FFMPG to the string you specify. Setting a variable doesn't expand an alias.

You can use the {alias|...} code to expand an alias explicitly, but you usually do not have to as Opus usually expands aliases when they are used.

What are you actually trying to do? What is the rest of your command?

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Ah thats it, just trying to shorten paths that are repeating across a lot of menus/ buttons.

Think I have an easier way with Global variables.

So will edit...

C:\Users\aeddie\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\uservars.oxc

<!--ffMPEG variable available everywhere.-->

    <FFMPEG type="8">C:\Users\aeddie\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\FFMPEG\bin\ffmpeg.exe</FFMPEG>

So that I can use...


in any button/menu item and can change (path) it from one place. Easiest ?


You shouldn't edit uservars.oxc by hand.

You could use a global variable but using an alias for the path would be more normal, and easier to see and edit (via Preferences).

You can run executables via aliases without having to explicitly expand them so I'm still not sure where the original issue is, but you haven't shown how you're trying to use the alias yet so maybe there's a detail I am missing.

Ok well I can just use the expand alias syntax, that solves my problem too.

I am just eliminating long paths from buttons and menus, so that will do, I can set up alias'
in settings and then expand them in the command scripts.

Thanks a lot.