SetAttr META, how to change timestamps?

At the moment i use following button:

SetAttr META "datetaken:"{dlgstring}
Clipboard Set=SetAttr META "datetaken:-0:0"

The idea is, that i can paste the clipboard content with the SetAttr Meta code into the dlgstring box, & then edit the value to what i need.

Isn´t there a more elegant way for this? For example, to have a dialog box, where i can put the values directly into, like -0:2 (minus 2 minutes), or +1:5 (plus 1 hour, minutes),
or even more simple, like -2 for minus 2 minutes, or +1:5, meaning plus 1 hour 5 minutes, & so on? I can´t figure out, how to get the dlgstring value
into the SetAttr Meta command.

Doesn't your first line already do what you want?

(You might need to move the 2nd quote chatacter so it is after the {dlgstring} text.)

Hmm, indeed. Must have hade the quote in the wrong place in one of my test buttons. Thanks!