Setting Relative Paths for DOPUS buttons

First off, I'm running dopus on a thumb drive for this.

I'm trying to set up buttons to open my basic media folders in, but when the drive letter changes, it throws a wrench in things, has anyone else pulled something like this off?

I'd like to avoid placing my media folders within my DOPUS folder, but I know that then I would just have to do something along the lines of

Is it possible to access the parent directory to the DOPUS directory in a button without a designated drive letter?[/code]

You can use the /home alias to get the folder where Opus is running from and use paths relative to that.

For example:

Go "/home/../Pictures"

hi i have a problem. when using go foldercontent with relative paths eg. "/home../../xyz", although the contents show up fine,
clicking on a FILE that appears in the menu causes error message. (though folders can be clicked (which open in the display))

it appears that windows reads the path incorrectly, but not opus. so the contents are populated, but i am unable to run a file by clicking on it. am i missing some path modifier or something

the file i want to click on is say 2 folder levels above the directory opus installation folder

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Use /homeroot instead of /home, then you don't have to go up a level.

There are also /programfiles and /programfilesx86 aliases if you are aiming for those folders.

excellent, thanks for the swift response!..

probably being nitpicky, but since i like the idea of relative paths (my directory containing all my apps including the dopus installation), would it be possible to NOT use homeroot as i may change this directory in the future relative to the root.

You can with most commands (or use the alternative of {alias|home|....} which resolves the path before sending it to the command) but not with Go FOLDERCONTENT due to when the arguments get parsed.