Settings Import failed


Am using v8.2.1.0 U and cannot import settings. I can export settings but cannot then import the settings file I just created.


What happens when you try to import the settings? Do you get an error message or anything?

Do you have access to write to your Opus configuration files? Try editing a toolbar manually and see if the changes stick. If they don't then either your file permissioning has gone wrong or an anti-virus or "firewall" (ZoneAlarm) tool is getting in the way.

i'm also running the same version and having the same probelm

please help

ps. i have full access rights to the file

Any answers to my questions in the post above?

Don't have an active anti-virus and the only firewall i have is the one built into windows xp. I've checked file access and i own the file and have full control permission


Do you get an error message or nothing happens at all or?

Can Opus open Zip files and read files from them? A Preferences export is really a Zip file so if Zip functionality is broken for some reason then the import won't work.

I'd give an uninstall/reinstall a try and see if that helps. I guess since you can't import prefs there is a risk you'll lose some settings but hopefully everything will work in the end. You could always make a backup of the Opus Program Files and also Application Data (under your user profile) directories which will mean all your toolbars are backed up.