SFTP Icons

Are the icons for SFTP connections automatically set to be different than FTP connections? All I see are little black boxes or sometimes mailbox icons. I've cleared the Windows icon cache so that is not the issue. Ideally, I would like to have a different icon for SFTP connections, just not a black box. See screen shot.ftp

Looks like an icon cache issue, which may just mean it wasn't cleared properly. (Most of the instructions online about how to clear it are wrong.)

Try running my Clear Icon Cache and see if that fixes it.

Thanks very much. Wonder why my script that deletes the IconCache.db file and restarts explorer doesn't clear the icon cache in this instance as effectively as your utility? Yours clears the icon cache but it hung restoring explorer on my PC correctly so I had to log out and log back in. Nevertheless, problem solved.

If Opus wasn't restarted as well then that might be why it didn't work first time.

The Clear Icon Cache tool uses the Windows Restart Manager API which sometimes fails to restart Explorer. It seems to be a longstanding bug in Windows. Also affects several installers that need to close and restart Explorer.