SFTP license impossible to find how to buy...?

I have DOPUS Pro

Directory Opus Pro 12.23 Build 7655 x64
OS 10.0 (B:18363 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

It appears that SFTP is an additional charge. I would like to buy it, but no amount of Googling or searching the My Account page brings up the option to purchase SFTP.

How can I do this? The 'extra license' and the 'upgrade' sections only apply to Dopus in general.

We have a facility in place on our web site for users to update their licences etc. Please go to the Support page and the My Account section at

My Account - Directory Opus

Enter your details to access the Licence manager and you can add extra licences or USB export licences, or FTP etc.

500 - Internal server error.

There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

Do you see that just from clicking the URL, or after entering your details (or some later point)?

The URL on its own works for me, at least.

Immediately. The page does not visualize.

Works for me when I try it.

Clearing the web browser cache and/or cookies might be worth a try. Or trying a different browser, if more than one is installed (in case it's an extension causing problems).

I've loaded the page OK on two machines now, for what that's worth.

Ok, I got in on a different browser. Now where can I go to buy the SFTP license? It is not obvious.

Immediately after logging in, you should see a summary of your account details in the middle, and on the right of that is a box with options like these (exact options depend on your account):

  • Modify User Record

  • Add Licences

  • Add FTP

  • Add USB Licences

If "Add FTP" isn't there, it may mean it's already enabled. The main account summary will say "FTP Advanced: Enabled" in that case.

So it does - and yet when selecting SSL as an FTP connection, I get this:


You probably haven't installed your new licence since you added the Advanced FTP option to it.

From Common purchasing, upgrading and licensing questions

I paid for the FTP or USB feature but it doesn't work!

Add-on functions are controlled by the program certificate that you install into your copy of Opus. If you added on these features after your licence was issued you should have received a new program certificate via email. This needs to be installed using the Help / Licence Manager command to enable the new features. If you didn't get the new certificate you can retrieve it from the My Account page on the GP Software website.

Okay - now I see it. I had DOpus 9 with FTP advanced, then later bought DOpus 12 without FTP advanced. Never mind - thanks.

Did you buy a fresh copy of Opus 12? If you upgraded your Opus 9 licence to 12 the FTP advanced option should have carried across.

I can't remember. It might have been an upgrade. Anyway, it didn't carry across, and I just bought a new license. I think, to be honest, that SFTP should always have been bundled with pro, and that it's a bit nickel-and-dime to make it a separate purchase.

That said, it's very cheap.

Thank for your help.