SFTP + Password & Public Key/SSL Certificate + Key Password


with DO it is not possible to work with

SFTP + Password & Public Key/SSL Certificate + Key Requires Password

as UltraEdit is able to do.

With DO 8 I've paid for SFTP and thought I would need it later - and now I need it - but can't use it.

In our company 3-Thier is standard which means I have to hop to server A from where I connect to server B incl. encrypted SSL/certificates.

With MindTerm (like Putty) I create a tunnel - all works with UltraEdit 14. See screen shots SFTP_UE_1.png & SFTP_UE_2.png.

In DO I can not specify SSL, etc: SFTP_DO_1.png.

Please continue with the next posting with more screen shots.

That's the reason why I can't connect. See SFTP_DO_2.png.

btw: also the tab names are not useful. If I have (and I have!) more connections via a tunnel I'm not able to make a difference. It would be good to use the "site name" as tab name. Also add the port number to like "FTP://localhost:3001".

I've also found out the a file call PUTTY.RND will be created in the root of my home drive (in our company). Not good. See screen shot SFTP_DO_3.png.

The FTP log can be found in screen shot SFTP_DO_4.png.

Any idea how it could work? If not, I hope DO will support it soon.

Security is more & more important. Currently I can't use DO anymore for FTP. :frowning:.

Did you try SSH: How to login using key files from the FAQs?