SFTP/SCP: Can DOpus be made to autoload .PPKs?

I have a site that uses SFTP. I used to use a program called WinSCP (which was terrible, in my opinion) that when I wanted to connect, I would have to find my .ppk keyfile that Putty generated for me, then doubleclick it so it would open in Pageant and sit in the system tray. If this wasn't open, then I couldn't connect.

After complaining about WinSCP at length one day, someone pointed me to an updated version of FlashFXP that could do SFTP. I set it up to connect to my site and found that I could load the .ppk key into FlashFXP's keyvault/store type of deal (with the associated password) and it would load it automatically when I wanted to connect, so that I didn't have to do so manually.

The FTP in DOpus 10 seems great so far, however I am now back to having to open my .ppk manually. Is there a way to load my key into a DOpus keyvault/store type of deal, or am I stuck manually opening it each time I want to connect? I love DOpus, but I'm not nearly as versed in all of its capabilities as I'd like to be. :slight_smile:

I don't think there is any automatic way. I haven't used PPK files for a while, so my memory is rusty, but I think I used to load them into Pageant via a script (probably run off a toolbar button) and then leave them in memory until I was done for the day.

I guess you could create Opus toolbar buttons (or hotkeys etc.) which both load the PPK and go to the site, so it's all done in one click.

OK, I will try that, thanks!