I am having some trouble using secure sftp.

If i use WinSCP i have only one problem. the files are uploaded however i get an error that says i should ignore permissions errors. once i set that option in WinSCP I have no other problems.

In Dopus, however, i apparently have errors but i don't get any feedback as to what exactly is happening. I go to copy a file but the activity sort of stops within a second. the popup shows that only a small percentage of the file transferred, then the timer ticks away with no other changes. finally a dopus popup appears saying an error occurred copying file.ext access denied (5).

Any ideas? i would much rather do all this in dopus than winscp.

What does the FTP log show? (Tools -> Output Window)

It says there was a timeout on Command 1019 and then an SSH: Error while writing: no such file or directory:

Opening Connection someplace.com:22
SSH: Server version: SSH-2.0-0
SSH: We claim version: SSH-2.0-PuTTY-FZ-Local: Jan 8 2010 09:53:08
SSH: Sending Index.txt
Timeout on Command 1019
See FTP Log for more details.
SSH: Error while writing: no such file or directory
Connection closed

If you've tried what's in the FAQ then I'd contact GPSoftware support with the details.

It might be specific to the type of server at the other end (e.g. sometimes the list format is unexpected but can be fixed by changing the command sent to the server) so if you can tell them any information about it that'll help.